Nicky Gets Off On People Seeing Him Get Off

Nicky Bauer is one of those guys that talks much tougher then he actually looks. Now don’t get me wrong, he knows the score but his heart is in an amazing place. Nicky was a bit anxious about doing the video portion of his shoot. Photos are no problem for most models but the video scares many guys for some reason. Nicky had one million questions to ask about the video work and really wanted to make sure he basically wouldn’t be put in a weird situation. After much negotiating he soon relaxed.

This boy is just amazing. He is young, sweet, fresh and has much self confidence which I think really shines through in the video. He has a super lean and muscled frame. Nicky loves to show off his body to girls and showing it off to you guys is something brand new for him. You could tell he was really excited about the idea even though at the same time he was nervous. I always love it when guys do this for the first time and what an amazing turn on it is for them. I love Nicky’s great cock and his ass which is really nice and the way he really gets off on stroking it. It looks like he just wants to stroke himself and touch that dick all day long. I really love his facial expressions as well. He really jacks that dick until it erupts into a huge cum shot!

Nicky Bauer

Hot Young Dude With A Huge Pierced Cock

Phenix Dardin is one of those guys that you know has a lot of secrets. Now I am not saying that in a bad way. I love a little mystery. I do know he is hot as fuck. That body of his is naturally built with very little help from the gym. I would kill for genes like that, wouldn’t you? I love Phenix’s arms. They are just beautifully proportioned. And he has great wide hips that I really love on guys. And I always wonder about “straight” guys who get a Prince Albert. That’s one of the most extreme piercings you can get and I always thought it was just the gay guys who recognized its pleasures.

Phenix said during his first interview that he was just interested in solo work but it turned out he was up for all kinds of sexual escapades. You can see this hot boy getting blown by another stud and giving his ass up to some toy action or fucking the hell out of another hot top.

Phenix Dardin