Cute Young Man Strokes His Hard Dick

Meet Kal Richards and boy, his stroke video is HOT! First he started off lightly running his hands over the hot pecs hidden under his t-shirt. Slowly caressing his body and teasing you with every inch he’d expose. At first it seemed he was just being shy but it became apparent very quickly that he knew exactly what he was doing. Kal’s body is so beautiful that you can’t just unwrap it all at once. It’s best savored, little by little, like a fine wine or rich dessert.

By the time he finally gets down to his briefs you’re ready to tear them off of him. And the wait is worth it. What a magnificent looking cock, with a slight curve. You just want to reach through the screen and grab ahold of it. And he works it as if he was playing a musical instrument and is trying to get the best possible sound out of it, lovingly running his hand up and down the shaft, arching his back, eyes closed feeling every movement. And the best part is the tiny jerking motions just under the head as he’s reaching climax with the slightest pause, as if cocking a gun before firing, as he prepares for the final shot, releasing hot sticky ropes of cum all over that perfect chest of his. Of course my words can’t do the video full justice… you have to see it for yourself!

Kal Richards

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